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Which e-cloth product should I use?

Why have we developed so many specialist cloths?

Can the cloths be used on fabric or carpets?

Do e-cloth products eliminate bacteria?

How long will e-cloth products last?

Can I use other cleaning products with my e-cloth?

Can e-cloth products scratch surfaces?

What should I do if the cloth doesn't work anymore?

What should I do if there is a smear or streak after I clean a surface?

Why do many manufacturers recommend e-cloth for cleaning their appliances and household surfaces?

Are there particular areas that need other cleaning products?

Can I use cleaning chemicals with my e-cloth?

Do I need to disinfect?

Why do I still have marks on my cloths when I have washed them, even boil washed them?

How can I brighten up tea towels and white cloths when they have gone dull?

Stop microfibre waste