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4 ways you can use coconut oil around the house

March 01, 2017

Nowadays coconut oil is very popular and is in high demand around the world; with its natural antibacterial properties, coconut oil provides you with an extremely easy yet effective cleaning solution that can be used all around your home. 

Coconut oil has an incredible amount of uses and can fulfil a wide range of  demands, whether you want a home cleaner, a lubricant, natural oil alternative when cooking and can even assist as a beauty aid. Personally, we love the ability coconut oil has when it comes to home cleaning. Here are 5 astonishingly easy ways that you can use coconut oil to clean in and around your home. 

Remove sticky and dirty marks from solid surfaces

Apply coconut oil  to a sticky residue or dirty mark and allow it to sit for around a minute or so, before then wiping it away firmly with a dry cloth. However for more effective use we recommend you use our Kitchen Whizz or General Purpose
Cloth, as they are made from more abrasive materials to remove stubborn dirt and residue.

Table Marks
Remove scuff marks from wooden surfaces and floors 

By using a small amount of coconut oil and a dry cloth you are able to remove any of those scuff marks that are stained onto your floors. Simply apply the coconut oil before then wiping up with the cloth, this should allow you to remove all marks and leave your floors completely stain free. Just be sure to wipe the oil up completely, to avoid slipping. 

Sciff Chalk

Cleaning stainless steel

Using a small amount of coconut oil, you should apply in a circular motion and  cover the entirety of the appliance you should then begin to smoothly dry off with a cloth. Be sure to use to rub in the direction of the grain as this will allow you to create a sparkling and spotless surface you can be proud of.  

Tin Can

Clean leather

Begin by rubbing in a very small amount of coconut oil before then allowing it to sit and soak for a couple of minutes. Once you have allowed the coconut oil to soak in you need to simply wipe away any excess using a soft, clean cloth. This will leave your leather gleaming, whilst also adding moisture and improving the overall look. 


Coconut oil has a number of brilliant uses that can be used in and around the house, try out these chemical free cleaning hacks and let us know what you think.

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