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5 Essential Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

August 15, 2016

Keeping your car clean can be a real struggle at times. Thankfully, we're here to help you to transform your ways and ensure your car is always at its sparkling best. We recommend our top tips to help ensure that your car does not become a mobile rubbish bin, but instead a gleaming, four-wheeled haven.

Clean Mess Up As Quickly As You Can 
When you make any mess inside your car we recommend that you clean this up instantly, as otherwise this decision will only come back to haunt you. It may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people leave mess until 'later' when they really shouldn't. Firstly, stains and marks get harder to clean the longer they are left. Secondly, once you have made a bit of a mess you will then think nothing of it where it comes to adding to it, this can be a slippery slope so try to keep your car squeaky clean for as long as possible! 

Don’t Eat In Your Car
This may be one of the simplest yet most ignored rules, but you must enforce if you want to keep your car clean and tidy and you (and your passengers!) must resist the urge of eating in your car. By banning food in your car, you're saving yourself from all those small crumbs, wrappers, drinks bottles, cartons and stains that will be left behind when it comes time to clean.   

Get In A Routine To Wash It 
Unfortunately, there's no quick fix when it comes to washing your car. You will need to do one of two things- go to the effort of taking it somewhere to be cleaned, or clean it yourself. If you take the decision to wash your car yourself then pick up an e-auto Car Cleaning Kit and make your life a whole lot easier, with a Dual Action Mitt that will handle any stains and marks you come across, working perfectly on all surfaces. Your entire car can be cleaned without the need for harmful chemicals, so you're not just getting your car clean but helping the environment too!       

Take Something Out When You Leave
Over time it's easy to build up a large amount of, often unnecessary, rubbish in your car. For this reason we suggest that every time that you leave your car, you should take some out with you. This doesn’t have to be a mammoth job where you’re taking numerous trips back and forth from your car. Instead you simply remove an item, each and every time you leave until you everything in your car is only things you need. The more you do this and stick to it; before you know it your car will be a rubbish free zone without the need for one big clean.

Follow these tips to break bad habits, and before long you'll be left with a car that looks as clean as the day you bought it!