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Best cloths for cleaning cars

February 02, 2016

Cleaning your car is often a pain and it is one of the least favourite cleaning jobs there is. Cleaning the car is always last on the list of priorities, especially in the cold weather. But it is still important to look after your car and clean it regularly as dirt can lead to all kinds of problems. It is often tempting to take it to a car wash somewhere and save yourself the effort but this can become expensive and can be time-consuming. But cleaning your car yourself doesn’t have to be a hassle and there are some great products you can use to clean the dirt and grime off your car.

One of the most popular and effective ways to clean your car is by using a car cleaning mitt. This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to get your car clean and is ideal to be used on all parts of your car, from paintwork to glass, chrome and lights. The mitt allows you to really work into all areas of the car and get all of the dirt off. It is even more ideal to use microfiber cleaning mitts to make sure that all of the dirt is removed with little effort. You can clear your car and give it the perfect shine by just using water, so there’s no need for expensive car shampoos and chemical cleaning products.

With our Car Cleaning Kit, you will have everything that you need to clean your car with a perfect finish. It includes a microfiber mitt that you can use to clean the entire car and another two microfiber cloths that will help to give it the perfect shine. You can use these products to clean, dry and shine your entire car by using just water. The other cloths will help to dry any excess water and give your car the perfect shine without the need for any expensive wax or polish. We also offer some other cleaning products to make sure that you give your car the most thorough clean. Our Dual Action Sponge is perfect for any stuck on dirt and grime and offers a more traditional cleaning solution for your car. We also have a specific On Board Cleaning Kit to make sure your interiors are just as clean as the outside of your car.

The best way to clean your car is by giving it a good soaking first and scrubbing it with the microfiber mitt. This was you can really work into any dirt that is on your car and the microfibers will be able to remove even the smallest dirt particles with ease. After giving your car a good scrub you should then wash your car down again with water to remove any other dirt or residue before drying and polishing with your other cleaning cloths. For hard to clean areas such as the wheel rims, you may want to use a cleaning solution to help lift oil and grime. You may also want a hose or pressure washer to help wash the car, but a good old fashioned bucket can still do the job.

By following these simple cleaning tips and using the right cleaning cloths, you can turn the nightmare job of cleaning your car into a thing of the past. By using microfiber cloths you can really remove all the dirt and grime from your car by using just water. Stop putting it off and get yourself the right cleaning cloths to do the job.