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Can e-cloths clean your home with just water?

April 03, 2014

Erica Buist of the Guardian has recently reviewed e-cloth in her Guardian column. Each week the Guardian put a different green app or gadget to the test and this week Erica looks at e-cloths and how they perform.

In her column Erica explains that her fear of chemicals and more specifically the impact they have on her health and the environment lead her to look for a more environmentally friendly option which is when she first discovered the cleaning power of e-cloth.

“Glass this clean is a safety hazard!”

To showcase exactly what e-cloths can do Erica smears the Guardian window with Vaseline onions and even a potato wedge. Spraying the window with water she uses an e-cloth to leave a gleaming window in a matter of seconds.

Erica summarises the performance by stating: “They work and do exactly as they advertise. Which was a relief after I smeared the Guardian windows with Vaseline bell peppers onions and potato wedges.”

See the review for yourself and let us know what you think.