Christmas Cleaning with e-cloth

December 04, 2015

Keeping the family entertained during the festive period always seems to leave a messy home. It is also one of the busiest times of the year with family members coming and going all throughout the holidays. This can make keeping your home clean a massive task, but you don’t want your family to think the house is dirty. Our range of green cleaning cloths can help get your house looking clean and tidy in no time at all. We have a number of different products that are ideal for cleaning the most important areas over the Christmas period. 


With the large amount of food we consume over the holidays, it can be a struggle to keep the kitchen clean. Not only this, but it is also one of our least favourite jobs. Our Kitchen Cloth can make the job much easier and is perfect for all your usual kitchen cleaning needs. Brilliant for use on worktops, cookers, stainless steel and glass, the cloth cleans all kinds of surfaces in the kitchen with just water. This means you can quickly clean up any mess that has been made.

We also have the solution for one of the most hated jobs, cleaning the oven. Our Hob & Oven pack gives you two great cleaning cloths to make the job effortless and simple. The oven cloth’s fabric side rapidly removes thick grease and dirt, while the toughened non-scratch side tackles the most stuck-on stains. For a truly professional finish, use the glass and polishing cloth to remove even the slightest grease from the surface of difficult areas. This will leave your oven sparkling clean ready for that Christmas turkey!


Over the festive period, it is more than likely that you will have family coming and going all of the time. This usually means muddy and wet shoes walking through the house, which can be a nightmare to clean. Not only this, but wet floors can also be slippery and hazardous. An accident or injury is the last thing you want this time of the year. That’s where our Deep Clean Mop comes in. It removes the need for endless amounts of chemicals and cleans your floor in no time. It is perfect for use on all hard floors including laminate, tiles and wood. Keeping your floor clean is easy as the mop head has special fibres to pick up all of the dirt!

Glasses & Dishes

One chore that always seems to take forever is doing the dishes. During the festive period, we are often eating a lot and with family coming round at different times of the day, there is not always time to use a dishwasher. Therefore, we often need to do the dishes ourselves and drying them can be a real chore. No matter how hard you try you can never get a great streak-free finish. Our range of high absorbency and lint-free tea towels are great for this problem. The towel’s super absorbent fibres remove the need to wipe surfaces repeatedly, dry with one wipe and leave everything streak free. It’s also perfect for wiping clean kitchen surfaces of any excess water.

Difficult to reach places

There’s always that family member who wants to judge how clean your house is. They always like to look in those difficult to reach places to see how much of a dust build up you have. The Cleaning & Dusting Wand makes light work of this. The lightweight and highly flexible design is perfect for cleaning in hard to reach areas. Clean behind radiators, on top of cupboards or underneath furniture with ease. Make sure you get rid of all the dust and keep your house clean and tidy. The Dusting Wand can also be used damp for a deeper clean.

These are just some of the ways that your Christmas cleaning nightmare can be made easier. Nobody likes to spend hours cleaning so why not try our chemical free cleaning products to reduce your cleaning time and make life easier. Not only will you have a cleaner home but you will also have more time to spend enjoying yourself over the festive period. Make sure you try our products today and see the difference they can make for you.

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