e-cloth Awarded 3 Top Prize Positions...

April 23, 2012

Three e-cloth products stood out from over 345 cleaning items being tested to win; best all-round cleaning cloth best everyday essential and best washable mop.

“If you dream of a home that sparkles every day bring on the white gloves – these superstars are hands-down winners” the magazine says.

Best all-rounder: e-cloth

The magazine dedicated to making everyday life easier found that e-cloths were the most impressive on all three promises of this category:

  1. To serve as a magnet for dust.
  2. To clean and shine with plain water.
  3. To stand up to the washing machine (e-cloth are guaranteed to last 300 machine washes).

The testers could not resist all the colour coded variants of the General Cleaning Cloth but tipped the purple colour as their favourite.

Best Washable Mop:
e-cloth Deep Clean Mop

Our e-cloth Deep Clean Mop wiped the floor with other washable mops. Assessors felt its large smooth swirling 360-degree head and extra-long telescopic handle made mopping a Fred Astaire moment. It was the ease of removing, washing and re-using the Deep Clean Mop Head that really placed us as best washable mop ever.

Best Scrubber:
e-cloth Washing Up Pad

Impressing evaluators of the everyday essential category was our e-cloth Washing Up Pad. Our dual sided pad’s comfortable fit in the hand as well as it’s gentle non scratch scrubbing side and softer cleaning side propelled it to first place everyday essentials scrubber.

So if you’re looking for cleaning products that stand out from 345 items look no further than e-cloth.

You can catch a demonstration of our Deep Clean Mop on the the US programme The Today Show who are featuring the Definitive Cleaning Products Road Test in the fourth hour of Friday 4th May.

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