Failed Your New Years Resolutions Already?

February 09, 2018

Failed Your New Years Resolutions Already?

We’re just over a month into the New Year, and yet most of us have already failed on our New Years resolutions. From lofty ambitions to simple changes, no resolution is safe from petering out after just a few short weeks. Implementing changes to your life can be a big step, and it’s often difficult to stay consistent long term.

This can sometimes be a result of setting goals that we are unlikely to achieve or a lack of motivation to tackle an entirely new lifestyle. Whatever the reasons, if you’ve already dropped the ball on your resolutions, it’s not too late. The year is still fresh and new, so there’s plenty of time to implement some simple, easy to follow plans for improving your health and wellness in 2018.

Read on for our helpful tips on how to implement some simple, beneficial changes that you can stick with throughout the rest of the year. Even choosing just one of these easy changes will make a great difference to giving 2018 a real boost!

Embrace Essential Oils

Essential oils have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. In addition to being excellent for helping your body and mind relax and unwind, they can also help combat cold and flu systems, improve digestion and moisturise dry skin.

Using essential oils can easily be added into your daily routine without having to buy burners or aromatherapy equipment. You can easily add a few drops of oil to your bath to reap the benefits of these powerful little potions. Start by adding 6-8 drops of lavender oil to your evening bath to prepare you for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Walk for Just 10 Minutes

Walking has long been praised as one of the greatest forms of exercise. But did you know that by walking for just 10 minutes a day, you can promote heart, brain and bone health? Walking has many other benefits as well, linking to depression and stress relief.

Finding time for a full-on gym session can be difficult in a busy life, but ensuring that you walk just 10 minutes a day is more than achievable. Simple changes like taking a quick walk during your lunch break, taking the dog to the end of your street and back, or parking a little further away from the office can easily squeeze in those 10 minutes and help you get those benefits. 

Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle

This is one instance where buying a single item can make a difference in many ways. Purchasing a high quality insulated water bottle will help you to increase the amount of water that you drink on a daily basis. Drinking enough water not only keeps your organs (including your brain) functioning properly, but it’s great for your skin and helps to promote weight loss. Also, some plastic water bottles contain BPAs, which are toxic chemicals that can be found in some plastics. Many companies are using BPA free plastics these days, but plastic water bottles can still contain chemicals that can become dangerous when left in the heat or used for too long.

Apart from doing yourself a favour by avoiding plastic water bottles, you’ll also be helping the environment. Each year in the UK alone, millions of plastic bottles are used. Many of these are not recycled and end up in land-fills or in the oceans, where they can harm many species of wildlife. By opting for a reusable water bottle, you’ll be doing your part to reduce the number of plastic bottles that go un-recycled.

Get Your 5 a Day

Maybe you had big plans for 2018. Maybe it was the year you were going to completely overhaul your eating habits and cut out sugar, gluten, fat or dairy. Setting goals like these can be daunting and are actually a big change to implement into your lifestyle.

Try focusing on something a little more straightforward and less drastic, like consistently eating your 5 a day. This can be as simple as doing things like adding a banana to your cereal and substituting your lunch time crisps for a side salad. If you’re someone who struggles to eat fruit and veg, a superfood smoothie might be your best bet, with the added benefit that you can easily get all your 5 a day into one smoothie!

Clean Green

To benefit the environment and reduce the introduction of dangerous chemicals to your home, you could embrace green cleaning as part of your 2018 boost. Cleaning products we use every day are plastered with labels advising the dangers of skin irritations and harmful fumes, and yet we continue to use these items. Our recent report tells you more about the problems these harsh chemicals can cause.

This year, give green cleaning a try. Our range of cleaning cloths with amazing fibre power render chemicals completely unnecessary. All you need is water to completely clean any room in your house with an e-cloth, all while doing something great for the environment and keeping harmful chemicals out of your house.

For more helpful information on how to implement beneficial changes into your life, check out this issue of Woman’s Own! e-cloth was recently listed in a feature suggesting ideas for resolutions you can easily keep!

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