10 Minute Makeover

March 31, 2017

When a friend announces they’re popping round at a moment’s notice and you’ve let the cleaning seriously slide (for the second month in a row), what can you do to spruce up your less-than-splendid home in a flash without giving yourself a hernia?

Well, no more shall you have to worry about the state of your home. We have come up with 5 ‘must do’ tips to go from pigsty to palace in under 10 minutes:

Scent is key. We Brits follow our nose and different aromas evoke a different feeling.  It’s important that your home smells fresh as this will make a good first impression.  We associate ‘clean’ with smells such as lemongrass, orange blossom and mint which means these are great for the kitchen. Rosemary, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus work in harmony to neutralise odours and so this is a perfect mix for the bathroom, whilst relaxing scents such as chamomile and lavender add a sense of calm to your bedroom. Florals work well for living rooms as they are uplifting. Pop some essential oils into your water spray to fill each room with fabulous fragrance.

When guests arrive, no doubt they’ll follow you into the kitchen to chat while you make a cuppa (or pour the wine!) so you need to make sure the work surfaces and sink are looking tip top.  For the quickest results, just use a high quality microfibre cloth and water to wipe over surfaces. We suggest using our General Purpose cloth. These are clinically proven to remove over 99% of dirt and bacteria, meaning you can eliminate the cleaning sprays and save precious seconds. Once the worktops are clean, give the taps and toaster a quick once over - our eyes are naturally drawn to shiny surfaces - if you make sure these shimmer you’re onto a winner.

At some point your guests will want to use the loo and this is the one place where they’ll make a judgement about how clean your house is. For the toilet, throw a generous amount of bicarbonate of soda into the bowl and then dribble some white vinegar on top with a drop of lemon or orange essential oil.  Let it fizz for a couple of minutes before scrubbing with the toilet brush.  Shine the taps and your all good.

If your guests haven’t visited before, they are bound to spend a bit of time politely commenting on how cute your darling kid/dog/hamster is in the numerous photos you have hanging up.  For a smear-free, high-shine finish on glass and mirrors, wet the surface with water and wipe off with one of our Glass and Polishing Cloths.  

Finally, forget about vacuuming, you can get most of the visible dirt off the floors by simply using a dustpan and brush.

Now all that’s left is to pop the kettle on and wait for your friends to show up. Phew!