Get the kids cleaning!

March 06, 2017

survey of 2,000 parents of children aged two and above were surveyed by Addis Housewares and found over half didn't have enough time to teach their children the basics. To be fair, it’s no surprise, why would you when you have to heave out
all of those hazardous chemicals in order to get your home sparkling?

But fear not because we have the answer - you can get your brood in the mood to clean. That’s right - there’s a way to make each chore less of a bore and all you need are a few lemons and an e-cloth.  

We all know children love role play, just look at the range of cleaning toys on the market. They delight in pretending to vacuum the carpets, dust the shelves, and clean the windows; there is also no denying the joy on their face from a
simple cloth and a water spray.

So if your windows are stickier than a packet of old Chewits and your worktops are in desperate need of a wipe then help is at hand. OK, ok, we know this sounds too good to be true, but give it a try and you might be surprised by the results. Cleaning is super safe with e-cloth as all you need is water. You can make it more interesting by making your own child-safe cleaning potions too. 

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have gleaming windows, spotless counters and sparkling floors as well as occupying your little ones and passing down those all-important skills whilst you're doing it…

When life gives you lemons… clean! 

This is a great way to make cleaning really fun. The natural qualities of lemon juice make it the perfect substitute for bleach - your children will be amazed with the results. You can, of course, use the juice neat on a cloth as a kitchen/bathroom cleaner or to naturally disinfect surfaces and chopping boards etc... But - for us, the fun happens once the lemon has been squeezed. You can use each half as a cool new cleaner – they’re great rubbed on windows, round taps or on sinks, baths and draining boards.

You’ll need to wipe down the area afterwards with some warm water to remove the lemony residue. Blow bubbles and let them pop on the windows. This is a really lovely game to play with little ones. Usually bubble blowing is resigned to the outdoors but for this you need to blow as many as you can and watch them pop on the windows. The bubble mixture left over forms the damp cleaning surface and all you have to do is wash and wipe. 

Dance like no-one is watching....with a mop! 

Pop on your favourite tunes, dampen your deep clean e-cloth mop and dance the day (or night) away. Your little one will be smiling and your floors will be spotless. We’ve been listening to the new Ed Sheeran album. It’s perfect to waltz around the kitchen. 

Here’s looking at you kid  

Who said cleaning had to be boring?  A quick spritz of water and our glass and polish cloth makes light work of any mirror. You’ll be the fairest of them all before you have a chance to say mirror, mirror on the wall. It’s a real fairytale come true. No more smears and your little one is proud as punch of their smear free shiny reflection.

Role Play - it’s child’s play  

Why not pretend to set up a cleaning company -  the house belongs to your first customer and you have to do the best job ever. You're a team and you need to make the house gleam. Make it more fun by giving your pretend company a name and make some of your own cleaning products:

  • Add white wine vinegar to water (half vinegar, half water) to make a great general purpose spray which is perfect for windows, sinks and worktops (not stone or granite).
  • Pop some bicarbonate of soda in a flour shaker for stubborn areas such as the sink - shake generously then wipe off with a little water. The lightly abrasive nature of the soda will remove stains.  
  • If you want a more exciting fizzing effect, (as well as more cleaning power) pour on some white vinegar after applying bicarbonate of soda. Your little ones will really enjoy this. 

Let us know how you got on and share your pictures of your little ones making the house sparkle this weekend. 


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