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Have a Hair-Raising Half-Term

October 25, 2016

We’re all about living the easy(er) life and along with ditching the chemicals, we also love to spend less, reduce the amount we throw away and reuse what we can.

We’ve pulled together a cackling collection of the best fiendishly fabulous crafts and DIY costumes we could find using recycled materials and natural ingredients to make sure you’ll be at your bloodcurdling best this half term. 

Jam Jar jack-o-lanterns
Give empty jars a new lease of life by turning them into these terrifying tea light holders to spook trick or treaters.  This activity is versatile, easy for kids and look really effective.  No need to stick to just pumpkins – why not try a friendish Frankenstein or goulish ghost design too?  Whatever you choose, remember to swap the real tea light with a battery operated one for safety. 

Goulishly good scented play dough
This clever crafter at oneperfectdayblog uses natural lime and coconut essence to make her chemical-free playdough smell sweet enough to eat.  Follow the step-by-step instructions for an easy, fail-safe recipe that’ll mean you never have to buy shop-bought stuff again.

Spine-chilling salt dough skulls
Unlike play dough, salt dough can be cooked in the oven or left to harden so children can keep their creepy creations.  It is chemical-free but we advise against eating it due to its extremely high salt content! We love these colourful ‘day of the dead’ skulls created by those clever people at redtedart.

Batfink brollies
Damp, blustery days and howling winds can only mean only one thing; inside-out umbrellas!  Don’t cast them aside, turn your unwanted brollies into a super set of unique bat wings (add a set of fangs to really finish the look) and scare your friends half to death!  Check out evilmadscientist for this brilliant step-by-step guide.  You will need a dark zip-front sweatshirt, pins, needle and thread and something to cut the metal sections of umbrella such as a pair of pliers (adult help most definitely needed for this one).

Marvellously mean milk jug skeleton 
This is most definitely one of our favourite Halloween activities here in the office!  Fashion your empty plastic milk cartons into a wonderful wibbly wobbly skeleton to hang in your porch or outside on Hallow’s Eve.  You can even add glow in the dark paint if you’re feeling creative.  Make sure you wash the milk bottles out thoroughly, otherwise it really will smell like something has died!

Slippery seed slime
This super slime recipe uses completely natural ingredients and is even edible (not that it looks particularly appetising!).  If you want to add some colour, go for natural food colouring found in good supermarkets and then when you’re done playing put it straight in the compost.

Tin can bowling
Keep your witches and wizards busy with this tin can bowling activity using spare tin cans and a little imagination. Different coloured paints and a selection of tins is all that’s needed for at least an hour of fun! Make sure you file any sharp edges before you start.  

‘Cereal killer’ box robot
For the ultimate rainy day activity give the kids some boxes to decorate and turn them into this ‘cereal killer’ robot costume.  They’ll be crunching cornflakes rather than craniums and using up this week’s recycling at the same time!  Boxes, bottle tops, aluminium trays and a bit of imagination are all that’s required for this clever creation.

Spooky Skeleton 
If your sewing skills are up to scratch then why not try making your own skeleton costume using an old white sheet and a dark t-shirt and trousers?  This cute costume is simple but effective and the instructions are easy to follow.  To make it even easier, buy some white duct tape and stick on rather than sew the bones – you’ll also be able to use the top and trousers afterwards too. 

Egg box bats and leaf ghosts
These two activities are so simple but look frightfully fancy hanging up in the hallway.  Grab an empty egg carton and some large fallen leaves and get painting!

Remember, you are only limited by your imagination, so have a rummage through your recycling and see what other creations you can come up with.  We'd love to see them so don't forget to share on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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