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How To Clean Your Home Office

May 12, 2017

One area of the home that we neglect cleaning is our home office. This is often because we are mainly using it for work purposes and feel like it doesn't get dirty. But if you work from home then you will be spending around 8 hours per day in your home office, which means it needs a clean. Even if you don’t work from home it is likely that you won’t have cleaned your home office in months or maybe even a whole year. Here are a few tips on how to clean your home office - it's not as big a task as you think.

Cleaning Your Desk

Most of the time you spend in your home office will be spent sat at your desk. This is one of the areas that you should clean first in a home office. Assuming you don’t sit at your desk and eat, although many of us do, your desk won’t be too dirty but it will need a clean every now and then. The easiest way to clean is to remove all desk accessories so that you can clean the whole desk and not miss sections of it. Use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe over the desk and give it a good clean, removing any dust or dirt particles from the surface.

Cleaning your Computer

One of the other areas in your home office that gets the most traffic is your computer, so this is another area that you will want to clean. However, this is a sensitive area so you don’t want to be using too much water in some areas as this could damage your computer. Using a dry microfibre cloth, dust your computer to remove any dust and dirt that you might have lingering. If you have a desktop then you should think about unplugging your keyboard and giving it a good shake to remove any crumbs or dirt. Use a cotton swab to get in between the keys. If you want to clean your computer screen, we have a sensitive screen cleaning pack that can help to remove all dirt and fingerprint marks.

Get the Vacuum Out

A good way to give the rest of your home office a clean is to get out the vacuum cleaner to take care of all the other tasks. As your office probably isn't that dirty, you can use a vacuum to suck up most of the dust and dirt that builds up over time from your floors and the corners of the room. You can also use your vacuum on your desk chair to pick up any loose dust and dirt particles that might be lingering. A vacuum can even be useful to clean your curtains and these can pick up dust and start to smell musky over a longer period. If you have blinds in your home office then all you will need is a microfibre cloth to give them a good dusting.

Cleaning your Windows

One of the last jobs in your home office should be to clean the windows as this will really give it a much cleaner feel. It is likely that you haven’t cleaned the windows in your home office for a long time or possibly ever. Cleaning the windows can help to keep your windows clearer and bring a whole lot more light into your room. This can lift the mood and even make you more productive while working in there. We sell a fantastic window cleaning set that will help you to get those windows sparkling clean and improve your home office space.

By following our blog you will be able to give your home office a good clean and get it smelling fresh again. Cleaning your home office couldn’t be easier with e-cloth and you don’t need any expensive chemicals to get your home office fresh and clean again. What are you waiting for?