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How to clean your oven

March 24, 2016

One place that often proves difficult to clean in the home is the oven. After months of cooking the oven gets fairly grimy and dirty from a build-up of grease and cooking residue. The built up grease turns into carbon and can cause a strong burning smell when cooking. Not only can this be confusing as you might often think that your food is burning, but it can also affect the flavour of your food. But you don’t have to keep putting off cleaning the oven, as it’s not as difficult a task as you might think. We have the perfect solutions that can make cleaning your oven much simpler. If you have a self-cleaning or textured oven then the process is simpler, but our guide focuses on regular ovens.

Step 1

Remove the oven racks and place them in a bowl full of warm water. You can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the water to help remove the grease. You can now leave these to soak while you concentrate on the rest of the oven. This will also make cleaning the oven racks much easier when you come back to them. If you have a bowl that you can submerge the racks in that helps but is not necessary.

Step 2

Create a cleaning solution that helps to remove stubborn and stuck-on grime and grease. It’s fairly simple to create a cleaning solution yourself that can remove much of the grease that is usually tough to clean. If you have a spray bottle this can make it much easier to apply the solution too but you can mix the solution together in something else too. Add 4 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 litre of water. If you have particularly stubborn grime then we have the perfect solution. Our all-purpose cleaner gives a deep clean and is perfect for the oven grime.

Step 3

Now it’s time to spray the oven with your cleaning solution and allow it to soak in and start to lift the grime and grease. Apply the solution to the interior of a cold oven and focus on the stained areas until it is completely covered. If you are using our all-purpose cleaner then apply the paste to the particularly dirty areas that require more attention. Allow the cleaning solution to soak for at least an hour and test that the grime has loosened before cleaning. If the grime and grease are still hard then apply more of the cleaning solution.

Step 4

If you have grease that is baked onto the surface or has built up, then you can use a scraper to loosen it. Something that you would use for scraping the ice off your car would be perfect for this. Once you have removed the tough grime you will need a cloth to clean the rest of the oven of dirt and grease. Our Hob & Oven cleaning cloth pack is perfect for this and can help to get your oven sparkling clean. Our microfiber cloth will remove all the remaining grime and dirt particles to make sure your oven is perfectly clean.

Note: After removing stubborn grease and grime you may want to spray the oven again and allow soaking before using a cloth. This all depends on just how dirty your oven is but a cloth may not be as effective if the grime is particularly thick.

Step 5

You can now finish cleaning the oven with the glass and polishing cloth. Clean the oven door with the glass polishing cloth to give it a good sheen. Once all the grime has been removed you can also do the same inside the oven to really make sure it is clean. You can now go back and scrub the oven racks to remove the grime. This should come off fairly easy if it has been soaking in the water. You can use your oven cloth or something a bit more abrasive.

So that’s all you will need to get your oven clean again. With e-cloth, you can make many difficult and tiresome cleaning jobs much simpler. By following our simple five step guide to cleaning your oven, you can get rid of that burnt smell once and for all without the hassle.

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