How to Get Kids to Clean

February 01, 2019

How to Get Kids to Clean

Keeping a house clean and tidy can be a challenge for just about anyone, but it can be even more difficult for people with children. Children add a great deal of fun and life to a home, but they can also create a lot of mess without having any intention of cleaning up said mess. Getting your children on board to stay on top of their chores and help keep the home clean can seem like an impossible task, but we have some great tips on how to get the kids to clean.

Teaching children to clean can not only help parents keep on top of household chores, but it can also teach children important life skills. Valuable lessons like appreciating what we have, taking care of and having pride in our belongings and taking responsibility for them, or for the messes they make, are all important for children to learn early on. Don’t worry if you feel like it’s too late – even if your kids are a little older and have bad habits, you can still get your kids motivated to clean by following the steps below.

1. Call a Family Meeting

The first step into transforming your messy kids into helpful and mindful, mess-aware family members is to call a family meeting. Children perform tasks best when they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Simply announcing to the family, “that’s it, you’re all going to help me clean more!” isn’t likely to make a lasting difference.

By calling a family meeting in which you clearly lay out what is expected of each member of the family in terms of household chores, and being excited and enthusiastic about it, makes for a great start. You may want to create a chart or list that the children can regularly see so they know which jobs are theirs and when they need to be carried out by.

2. Let the Kids Weigh-In on their Chores

When assigning cleaning tasks and chores to your children, it’s worth asking them if there are any jobs they would like to have. Children can find entertainment in mundane tasks, and playing house can often be a favourite game. Ask them what things they like to pretend to do when playing house and make it their job in their real home. If they like pretending to wash dishes or scrub the floor with bubbly, soapy water, then, by all means, make them responsible for this task.

3. Introduce Cleaning Challenges

Finding ways to make cleaning fun is very helpful in getting your kids motivated to clean. These can also make for fantastic spontaneous activities to help burn off excess energy and tire the kids out! Introducing cleaning challenges can make cleaning seem fun and exciting and more like a game.

A few activities you can try straight away include:

·         Setting a timer and seeing who can put away the most toys in that time

·         Make a contest for who can dust the most surfaces in a set amount of time

·         See who can find the dirtiest cups, mugs or plates around the house and bring them to the kitchen sink to be washed

·         Find out who can put all their clothes away in their wardrobe the fastest

There are many different activities that you can turn into a challenge to get kids motivated to clean. For bigger challenges, you can even offer prizes to those taking part as extra motivation.

4. Make it a Cleaning Party

Another way to get kids excited about cleaning is to make cleaning time more like a party than a chore. Even adults get more enthusiastic about cleaning when playing some feel good music while they working away, and kids will enjoy this just as much.

You can also get your children to pick out crazy outfits for cleaning. Raid the costume box and the kids can create silly cleaning uniforms to wear while they dance and clean!

5. Stay Positive About Cleaning

One of the most important things you can do to help maintain a positive attitude in your children when it comes to cleaning is by maintaining a positive attitude yourself. Try to refrain from complaining about cleaning tasks, and instead focus on talking about how nice it is to have a clean and tidy home, and how good it makes the whole family feel.

These are just a few great ways you can get your kids to clean, but we’re sure you can come up with more ways you can get your whole family to buy in!

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