How to Keep Kids' Rooms Clean

October 11, 2017

One of the messiest rooms in any house is undoubtedly your children’s room, and this can often be a nightmare to attempt to clean. Many of us avoid this task and often just give things a quick clean when we do attempt to clean the room. But it doesn’t have to be a hard task and cleaning your children’s room can be easily managed into smaller tasks. Our guide gives you some top tips on how you can keep the room clean and tidy without all of the hassle.

Get the Kids Involved

Something that can make cleaning your children’s room easier is to get them to help with the tidying; after all, they did make the mess! Although this prospect might seem impossible, you can get your kids to help clean up your room with some simple steps. If you set a good example by keeping the rest of your home clean and tidy, this can have an effect on your children. You should also make it clear what you mean when you tell your children to clean their room and outline that the floor must be clear, with everything put away where it belongs. It is also a good idea to show them how to clean their room the first time so they know what is expected.

Stained Clothes

When cleaning your children’s room you are also likely to pick up dirty clothes that have been left strewn on the floor. There will more than likely be clothes that have grass and mud stains that seem tough to remove. Instead of buying expensive chemical cleaners, there are actually plenty of ways to remove stains from clothes naturally. For example, you can lift grass stains out of clothing by soaking the area in full-strength vinegar before washing.

Cleaning the Floor

One of the first places that you should start with when cleaning your children’s room is the floor, as it is likely to need some attention. If you kids room has a wooden floor, then you will need to think to mop the floor to get rid of any dust and dirt. But you don’t need to buy expensive chemicals to keep your floor clean; our Deep Clean Mop does a perfect job without the need for toxic chemicals. Made with our microfibre material, all you need to clean the floor with is hot water, but mixing white vinegar in the water is a great natural disinfectant.

Cleaning Surfaces

Now that you have your children’s room tidy, it is a good time to clean the surfaces and the rest of your kid’s room. Our general purpose cloth is great for wiping down surfaces such as wardrobes and cupboards and only needs water to remove stubborn marks. We also have a window pack of that is perfect for getting a streak-free finish on your children’s windows. By following these simple steps, you should be able to get your children’s room clean in no time.