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How to Remove Dust in your Home

July 27, 2020

How to Remove Dust in your Home

If you have allergy sufferers in your home, then you've probably wondered how to reduce the amount of dust in your house. With the average house collecting a staggering 40lbs of dust in a year, it is important to take the necessary steps to reduce the dust which accumulates everywhere. 

Where does dust come from?

Many people believe that dust is just dead skin, but this isn't necessarily true. Household dust is infact a mixture of carpet fluff, fibres from clothing, animal dander, and dirt from outside. All of this builds up, and creates what we know as household dust.

How to remove dust

When it comes to eliminating a household problem, most people go to the source. However when it comes to removing dust in your home, you can’t address the cause (unless you plastic wrap your entire house). Here are some measures that you can take to reduce the amount of dust that builds up in your house. 

No shoes

It is often considered good manners to take off your shoes when you walk into someone else's house. However, there are a good bulk of people who do not implement a no shoe policy. More than 80% of household dust enters from peoples shoes, so it is important to reduce wearing shoes inside as much as possible. Be sure to slowly introduce the rule, and kindly ask guests and family members to leave their shoes by the door. 

Vacuum thoroughly

A good vacuum is your best friend when it comes to household dust. How often you vacuum depends on the number of people in your house, however the general rule is to do each room once a week. High-traffic areas such as hallways, the living room and kitchen should be focused on more often.


Get equipped

While their name suggests that they are suited for their job, feather dusters do the complete opposite. Using a duster will simply spread the dust around your home, and dust will fall out of the feathers as you walk through the rooms of your house. Consider using a soft vacuum attachment to dust your home, or a damp cloth. For hard surfaces in your home, try using a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust. The fibers will hold onto the dirt, without just spreading it around. 

Looking for some more household cleaning products to remove the dust in your home? Take a look at our brilliant range of dusting cloths and other specialist products.

Control dust mites

It is no news that an abundance of dead skin, dust mites and dander builds up in our mattresses over time. However what not many people know, is that they build up in our bedding and pillows too. To reduce this, vacuum your mattresses every few months and launder your bedding regularly. Here is our guide on how often you should wash your bedding:

  • Weekly - sheets and pillowcases
  • Monthly - duvet covers and protectors
  • Occasionally - pillows, duvets and bed throws

  • Maintaining a clean home is imperative for your health and wellbeing. Take a look at some Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Home here!

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