Keeping a pet friendly home clean with e-cloth

January 29, 2014

According to a report commissioned by the PFMA in 2013 it’s estimated that 13 million (45%) of households have pets. 
Below is a list of the top ten UK pets in 2013:

Top Ten Pets for 2013 (based on running totals over two years) 
1. Fish kept in tanks: 20 - 25 million (9% of households) 
2. Fish kept in ponds: 20 - 25 million (6% of households) 
3. Dogs: 8.5 million (25% of households) 
4. Cats: 8.5 million (19% of households) 
5. Rabbits: 1 million (3% of households) 
6. Caged birds: 1 million (1.9% of households) 
7. Domestic fowl: 1 million (0.9% of households) 
8. Guinea Pigs: Half a million (0.6% of households) 
9. Hamsters: Half a million (1.5% of households) 
10. Horses and ponies: 400000 (1.1% of households) 

Although you wouldn’t change them for the world there’s no denying that these house guests also bring with them additional dirt dust and hairs!

Inevitably sharing your home with pets can mean extra housework. Although this is the case a combination of useful cleaning tips as well as carefully selected products will keep your house in tip-top shape all year round no matter who youre sharing with!

Coat Care is Crucial
The e-cloth Grooming Mitt is ideal for all types of pet large and small keeping dreaded pet debris out of your home. The dual sided mitt makes light work of dirt dust and loose hair whilst gently massaging your pet at the same time.

No One Wants a Wet Pet After a long walk in the woods or even a quick play in the garden your pet can have the habit of walking wringing wet through the house. The combines luxurious softness with innovative e-cloth fibre technology to make quick work of absorbing unwanted moisture. Drying 4 times faster than an ordinary towel the fibres attract and draw in dirt and mud leaving your pet clean and dry in seconds.

Don’t forget to do the Dishes
Pet dishes that is! Unless cleaned immediately pet food can be stubborn and difficult to remove. The e-cloth washing up pad is ideal. Dual sided the scrubbing side makes light work of any stuck-on food residues and stains doing so with just water!

Mop Up  Sick of muddy footprints? The is ideal for hard floor cleaning making mopping up after your pet simple and effortless. Using innovative e-cloth technology the mop head’s special weave and long fibres break up and hold grease and dirt that ordinary mops may leave behind and all without any chemicals! The mop head attaches with Velcro making it easy to wash or rinse meaning that there’s no need for a separate mop bucket.

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