Keeping Your Glasses Clean

July 15, 2015

Many people clean their glasses with items such as a jumper or top they’re wearing at the time or perhaps just any old cloth they have to hand. However, each of these items are filled with dirt and dust which will make that mark on your glasses worse. Even when using the right cloth, some people still make the mistake of using chemicals when cleaning their glasses, which can irreparably damage any special coatings on the lenses. 

e-cloth solves the problem of cleaning glasses with just one cloth. The e-cloth Glasses Cloth easily removes unsightly smudges from lenses and frames without the need for chemicals. Just breathe on the surface of your glasses that you need to clean then wipe it with your e-cloth and all marks will instantly be gone! For any stubborn stuck-on specks that won’t budge, damp an edge of the e-cloth and wipe, then dry with the other part of the cloth.  

We guarantee your cloth will last up to 300 machine washes, meaning you can regularly wash your e-cloth to be sure it is ready to pick up as much dirt as possible when you use it. The colourful design on our glasses cloth makes it easy to spot wherever you leave it and can be folded to slip into a glasses case or your pocket so it’s always there when you need it! 

We’ve put together a list of top tips to help keep your glasses dirt free:
1. Try not to leave your glasses on a sink or dressing table where hair or cosmetic products can easily get on the lenses
2. Try to keep your glasses in their case as much as possible when you aren’t wearing them
3.  Do not place your glasses facing lense down on any surface- this will cause scratching.
4.  Do not let anyone else wear your glasses. Keep a clean cloth in your glasses case.
5. Always keep an e-cloth Glasses Cloth handy to ensure they are quickly cleaned when they inevitably do get dirty! 

Ditch those lens cleaning wipes and generic cotton cloths for the e-cloth Glasses Cloth - a green cleaning alternative that actually works, giving you sparkling smudge-free glasses!