Meet Our New Arrivals

June 08, 2012

Our Screen & Lens range has been newly extended just in time for Father’s Day.

Packed with an array of brand new products for all your latest gadgets our Screen & Lens range has been newly extended just in time for Father’s Day. Whether he’s a sports dad a business dad or just gadget-mad our specialist Screen and Lens range has the perfect gift to suit.


For the gadget lover whose eyes light up at the mere mention of the latest device what better way to keep their gadget looking as good as the day they bought it? Our brand new Pad and Tablet Cloth keeps grubby fingers prints often made by messy little children at bay. The unique antistatic technology within the cloth even repels future dirt and grime from the surface – keeping the gadget cleaner for longer.

This unique technology is also used in our brand new Screen Cleaning Pack which also comes with a natural screen spray leaving screens crystal clean and clear - enhancing his football viewing experience.

Sports Dad

Sports dads will find our Phone & MP3 Pouch useful on the go. With a modern graphic design and spring lock the handy e-cloth pouch will ensure his latest smart phone & MP3 player is kept clean scratch free and secure at all times.

Business Dad

For business dads who are always on the phone or road we have something to suit. Our Phone & Sat Nav cloth not only removes grease finger marks and over 99% of bacteria to leave his phone and small touch screens clean but it fits neatly into his suit pocket too.

Or perhaps our Glasses Cloth will be a better match? This cloth will leave his frames sparkling and his lenses perfectly clear and has taken on a brand new design.


Is your dad more of a petrol head? Then give a gift from our specialist e-auto range. Using the same revolutionary cleaning technology as e-cloth e-auto provides precision cleaning specifically for his four wheeled friend.

So forget the socks and chocs this Father’s Day e-cloth has an array of perfect gifts for you.

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