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Natural grooming recipes for men

November 24, 2016

The beauty industry has seen huge growth in men’s beauty and grooming products in the last five years, predicted to be worth around £608 million by 2017.  This suggests the male population are now more conscious about their appearance and also see grooming as a pleasurable activity worth spending money on.  With that in mind, we’ve picked out some of the best natural male grooming recipes to soften beards, smoothen skin and freshen feet which are kind to your body and your pocket.  If you can find some nice bottles or containers, these homemade grooming products would also make brilliant gifts too.

Shaving soap
Yes we know that the trend for males right now is to sport a bushy beard to rival Brian Blessed but for those of you who still like your face silky soft and shadow-free, this shaving soap recipe hits the spot.  Food for my Family blog has an alternative recipe using shea butter for those with more sensitive skin.

Aftershave balm
From cool cucumber to perky peppermint, Manmade blog has found the most popular homemade aftershave recipes for you to try out.  

Beard Oil
Yes, there is such a thing.  The Manliness Kit has a detailed blog on the best ingredients to use to make your beard smell sweet and look sharp. 

Hair and body shampoo
This homemade body wash is made with honey, known for its antibacterial properties and coconut oil which moisturises the skin.  Swap the coconut oil for coconut milk to make a shampoo – the oil tends to leave the hair a little greasy.

Hair wax
Try these recipes for hair wax (or hair pomade as it’s known across the pond) which will leave your hair feeling soft and styled without looking greasy.

Face mask / pore cleanser
These five recipes formulated especially for men's skin will revitalise, keep acne at bay and leave skin soft.

Exfoliating face scrub
This face scrub will brighten the skin and help get rid of ingrowing hairs.  Use sandalwood, cedar or bergamot essential oil to give a more masculine scent. 

Exfoliating foot scrub
The folks at Inhabitant blog have detailed some great homemade recipes for male grooming products including this foot scrub for tired and under nourished soles. 

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