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The Dreaded Kitchen Clean-up with e-cloth

December 16, 2015

One of the most dreaded cleaning jobs around the house is the kitchen clean-up. The kitchen often contains a number of different surface materials such as glass, stainless steel and granite. Not only this but there are also difficult cleaning jobs that need doing, including the hob and oven, that always seem to require so much effort. There’s also the added task of mopping the floors in the kitchen and it always seems hard to get a great finish on these surfaces. The kitchen also has plenty of everyday cleaning jobs that nobody likes doing, but there are plenty of solutions to help ease your stress with e-cloth.


This is one of the first things that people notice when they walk into a kitchen so we want to make sure they look clean. Not only are they the main place that we prepare our food, but they can also becoming a dumping ground for things like mail, keys and all sorts of belongings. That’s why we want to make sure that the worktops are clean and free of germs when we are preparing food. If you have granite surfaces, then our Granite Pack is perfect to clean and polish your worktops to leave them looking as good as new. For all other kinds of worktops, our universal kitchen cloth is perfect.

Glass Surfaces

We often have glass surfaces in our kitchen that look great  but are notoriously hard to clean and get a streak free finish. Whether it’s the lid on the cooker hobs, the kitchen table or any other surface in the kitchen, it can be a really difficult surface to clean properly. Our Glass and Polishing cloth make the job no effort at all. Not only can it be used on glass, but the versatile cloth can also be used to polish shiny surfaces such as taps, with a specialist fibre construction that absorbs moisture quickly and removes light grease and finger marks to leave them streak-free.

Hob & Oven

One of the toughest jobs in and around the kitchen is cleaning the stubborn stains and grease from the oven. The high temperature in the oven causes grime and food to be baked onto the surface and, in turn, makes it extremely difficult to clean off. We often resort to strong chemical cleaning products to help get the oven clean. There is a much simpler solution
though and our Hob & Oven cloth set simply requires water. The oven cloth’s fabric side works to rapidly lift and remove thick grease, grime and bacteria. The other side’s toughened non-scratch strips tackle the most stuck-on stains. You also get a glass and polishing cloth to make sure the rest of your oven is sparkling clean.

Kitchen Floor

Cleaning the kitchen floor can be one of the most difficult jobs to get right. It can be hard to spot all of the stains and mopping it takes so much effort. It seems as if you have to scrub the floors with the mop in order to get the perfect finish. But there’s no need to invest in endless amounts of cleaning chemicals and specially designed mops. With our deep clean mop, cleaning your floors couldn’t be simpler. The simple and light aluminium base makes cleaning floors effortless and the mop head has special weave long fibres. This breaks up and holds the grease and dirt that ordinary mops leave behind.

With a whole range of kitchen products from e-cloth, you can make the dreaded kitchen clean-up a doddle. Why spend long periods of time, using expensive and harmful chemical products, when you can clean much more effectively using the power of e-cloth’s microfiber cleaning. There are even more cleaning products that can help with everyday cleaning in your kitchen, including washing the dishes and even specially designed tea towel’s from e-cloth. Find out how we can help make cleaning your kitchen simple. 

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