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Top 10 tips for the big spring clean!

August 04, 2013

The big spring clean can seem like a daunting task but if you break everything down into little chunks you’ll see it’s much more manageable than you originally thought!

To make things a little easier we have 10 tips that will help you keep your house in tip-top shape any time of the year!

  1. Some of the nastiest chemicals still allowed in everyday cleaning products are to be found in oven cleaners. There are however many non-toxic alternatives: bicarbonate of soda (sprinkle over surface and spritz with water to dampen leave for 30 minutes longer for burnt-in spills wipe off). Alternatively invest in a long-lasting e-cloth oven kit or use the textured side of a Stainless Steel cleaning e-cloth.
  2. Keep an e-cloth and water spray close to the phone. The next time a call centres holding system threatens to send you insane get wiping. e-cloths work best with just water so only one cleaning hand is needed. With Vivaldis 4 Seasons blaring from the phone in one hand and damp e-cloth in the other polish off your surfaces kettles sinks taps draining boards cupboards handles doors fridge doors handles skirting boards sofas chairs mirrors windows and more. One all-purpose e-cloth costs £4.99 and lasts years (guaranteed for up to 300 washes).
  3. Chemical anti-bacterial sprays may destroy 99.99% of all germs but they remove the good as well as the bad. Whats worse the 0.1% left behind are the toughest of the lot left on your kitchen surface to breed and evolve with even more resistance. In their fight against MRSA some hospitals have started using microfibre cleaning technology and its working. Clean your home surfaces with an e-cloth and water (or use a non-chemical Antibacterial e-cloth). e-cloths remove dirt and bacteria which other cloths leave behind. The Antibacterial e-cloth incorporates natural nano-silver to kill bacteria caught in the cloth RRP £4.99.
  4. To avoid the amount of germs and bacteria that can be spread around by J-cloths why not try e-cloth’s dual-sided washing-up pad which works with just water on pans cutlery crockery and glass. Use the special scouring side for pots & pans and really dirty crockery and the yellow side for general washing-up tasks.
  5. To make sure you’re on top of the endless drying up between meal times the super absorbent e-cloth e-towel absorbs 4x as much water as cotton tea towels meaning your crockery is dry in an instant and left smear free while you can carry on celebrating. Not only is the e-cloth e-towel perfect for drying dishes Stephanie Zia recommends keeping one handy along with some soda water for any wine or food spillages. You get an extra boost as the carbonated bubbles sink into the stain and lift the dirt with them as they rise.
  6. If youve had the silver and finery out for Easter Stephanie Zia’s top time saving tip is to polish up metal candle sticks and candelabras with a Stainless Steel e-cloth and glass holders with a Glass & Polishing Cloth. This will ensure any candle wax is removed without leaving any greasy residue.