Why You Should Take Shoes Off At The Door

April 25, 2017

Shoes have protected us now for 40,000 years, and it’s fair to say that they have served us well. For most, they are a basic comfort and something we don’t think twice about. We have multiple pairs; different brands, different colours but could they prove to be more harmful to your home than you think?

It might seem like an extremely straightforward task, but instead, it is often more of an inconvenience to remove your shoes when you get home, especially if you’re planning to pop back out in a short while wearing the same pair. We understand, at the time it makes a lot of sense, but you could be missing something big. Next time you are strolling in from work with your shoes still laced to your feet, you might want to consider the following:

Germs and bacteria
A study carried out by the University of Houston revealed that a worrying 40% of all the shoes that were tested contained traces of Clostridium Difficile – otherwise known as the ‘C.diff’ bacterium. C.diff should not be taken lightly it is not something you want to take risks with, especially considering it’s extremely resistant to a number of antibiotics and can live for a very long time, particularly in dry areas. Therefore it is vital to keep this bacterium out of your home and away from your family.

You must be careful with C.diff, across this study the bacterium was seen to have rapidly spread across the household, with traces found in certain areas including toilets, tops surfaces, and especially where floor dust was found.

So, when you get home, get your shoes off and get your slippers on!

Wearing your shoes in and around your home can have a greater impact than you might first think.  By doing this, you are increasing the likelihood of bringing harmful toxins into the comfort of your own home; potentially, putting not only yourself but your family at an increased risk of contracting a disease.

For example, certain chemicals, such as coal tar that are used across many roads as a way to seal asphalt, can be brought into the home by your shoes. With these harmful toxins staying with you, much longer than you might first think, and once they have found a way into your home they can prove extremely tricky to get rid of.  

One of the biggest factors that everyone will be aware of is dirt. Dirt is the most obvious and, potentially irritating consequence of wearing your shoes in the house. How many times have you spent hours thoroughly cleaning your floors, giving them the works, just for someone to walk dirt straight back in? If anything, this should be a big enough reason to cut out footwear in the house completely, not to mention the harmful bacterium that comes with it.  

It’s just not worth it, kick your shoes off at the door and keep the dirt outside.

Home wear and tear
Your shoes are covered in various contaminants, by wearing shoes in your house you could be potentially causing unnecessary damage to your floors. With the different toxins, grit and dirt will result in scratches, scuffs and tears to your floors; not to mention the fact it will just add to the elbow work needed to give the floors a good clean afterwards.  

We all wear shoes for hours on end every day, it may not seem like a big deal, but by just taking your shoes off for a few hours in the evening it will benefit your health.  Giving your feet some time off from shoes will allow them to recover, for instance by walking barefoot you are not only giving your feet a much-needed air, but this also helps to encourage your feet to maintain strength and help flexibility. 

Wearing shoes in your home provides endless risks and health factors that just don’t seem necessary.

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