Winter Cleaning Checklist

January 07, 2019

Winter Cleaning Checklist

During the winter months, we tend to spend more time in our homes than during the rest of the year. Since we often spend a lot more time in our homes this time of year, the mess can build up quickly. If you’re struggling to stay on top of the winter mess, our Winter Cleaning Checklist is perfect for you.

Many people wait for a big spring clean before they put the marigolds to use and give their home a deep clean. By completing the tasks on our Winter Cleaning Checklist, your home will be better maintained throughout the season, meaning you’ll have less work cut out for you when spring does finally roll around. Follow the tips in our Winter Cleaning Checklist to keep your home sparkling throughout the season.

1. Windows

Windows can often be neglected during the winter months due to the weather but keeping your windows clean can actually help brighten your home during the darker months. Rain and dirt can easily build up from poor weather. By giving your windows a good clean in the winter, you’ll let more light in and give your home a fresher look. Make sure to give both the inside and outside glass and sills a thorough cleaning.

Our Window Pack contains the perfect tools for cleaning both – one cloth for cleaning windows, frames and sills and another for leaving glass free of any streaks.

2. Screens

Whether you’re deep into an online game or flying through TV series, it’s likely that your preferred method of entertainment during the winter revolves around some sort of screen. Computers, TVs and tablets are more highly utilised when the weather prevents us from enjoying outdoor activities, meaning that they can get extremely dirty this time of year.

Fingerprints should not be your only concern when it comes to electronic screens, because illnesses are running rampant during the winter. Cleaning your TV screens, and in particular tablets and mobile phones should be a top priority at this time of year to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. We carry a number of cloths in our Screens & Lens range that are ideal for cleaning these items and are proven to remove harmful bacteria.

3. Kitchen

The extra time at home during this time of year allows you more time to take on some of the lesser-performed cleaning tasks that are important in the kitchen. Tasks that might typically be neglected but that we would suggest in any Winter Cleaning Checklist, in addition to a typical kitchen deep clean, include:

-Dusting light fixtures and the tops of cabinets
-Pulling out appliances and cleaning behind and beneath them
-Emptying drawers and cupboards and cleaning inside of drawers or shelves

Our Kitchen Cloth is a great, versatile cloth for getting started, and is ideal for cleaning a number of surfaces including worktops and appliances.

4. Storage Areas

Take the time this winter to tackle areas like under stairs cupboards, linen cupboards and lofts, which can easily be overstuffed and neglected throughout the year. After you’ve had a good clear-out, this allows the perfect time to dust or hoover all shelves and flooring in these areas. The 2 in 1 Extendable Duster is ideal for dusting tricky-to-reach spaces in cupboards and storage areas.

Spiders and other unwanted houseguests are more active in our homes in the winter and tend to be attracted to storage areas because they are not typically disturbed. Clearing out these spaces and removing cobwebs can help prevent them from taking over the space.

5. Hallway or Entrance

Your hallway or other entrances to your home can get rather dirty this time of year, with mud, leaves, dirt and anything else the weather brings in. You’ll probably need to mop, sweep or hoover, but by making just a few changes you might be able to prevent the need to constantly clean.

To help keep these areas tidy, you may want to Winter-Proof your front door or porch. Start with a sturdy welcome mat for wiping feet clean, as well as an umbrella holder. A decorative boot brush will allow your family and visitors to clean their shoes before entering the house. To clean away whatever mess does make its way into the house, we’d recommend our Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop for hard flooring.

6. The Little Details

All throughout the home, there are areas that are easy to forget to clean. Take this opportunity to attack areas of your home like the tops of doors, moulding, chair rails, skirting boards, ceiling fans and so on. The removal of this dust, which can pile up quickly, can help reduce issues with allergens in the home.

We’d recommend our High Performance Dusting Glove or Cleaning & Dusting Wand to tackle jobs like these.

7. Germ Hotspots

With germs running rampant in the winter months, it makes sense to tackle areas where germs and bacteria collect in the home. Areas which are frequently touched are going to be your priority. These include areas like:

-Door handles
-Sinks and taps
-Light switches
-Cupboard doors and hardware
-Handles and doors of appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, etc)
-Kitchen worktops 

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