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e-cloth fibres are exceptional for dusting.  They have a natural positive static charge which attracts dust and allergens, locking them into the fibres, making dusting much faster and easier than conventional dusters.

The 2-pack Duster is the best place to start.  The longer fibres of the Dusting Glove make it ideal for ornaments, window blinds and other awkward areas.  The Cleaning and Dusting Wand gets behind radiators and under appliances.

There are a number of options for floors, walls, ceilings and beams:
The Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster is lightweight and has edges that flex, making it easy to clean dust, fluff, cobwebs and pet hair from floors and skirting boards.

Need to reach a bit further? The 2 in 1 Extendable Duster can be used in its short version or extended up to 1.77 metres with its telescopic pole. The head has 7 locking positions, giving an angle up to 270° – so there is no place for dust and cobwebs to hide. The Dusting Mop Head attaches to our Deep Clean Mop – every home should have one!

All e-cloth dusting heads are removable and machine washable – see the care label for instructions.