Floor Mops

Floor Mops

The e-cloth Floor Mop range consists of high quality, easy-to-use specialist products to clean and dust any hard floor, including wood, laminate, tiles, vinyl and stone. There is an enormous variety of floor mops on the market - string mops, sponge mops, squeegee mops and even steam mops. Many of these products introduce dirty water or dirty mop heads onto the floor at some point. The materials used are often good at holding water, but not necessarily good at cleaning. 

Unlike ordinary mop heads, e-cloth mop heads are packed with millions of tiny fibres designed to provide maximum cleaning power, making them ideal mops for cleaning floors. 1000 times finer than a cotton fibre, each e-cloth fibre is split into 16 filaments, which are processed to give perfect cleaning and polishing performance. 

e-cloth Floor Mops are made from rust-proof, lightweight aluminium. Most have adjustable telescopic handles. The Mops removes grease, dirt and bacteria from all types of hard flooring including tiles, vinyl and stone. They are also ideal for real wood and laminate floors, as very little moisture is left behind after cleaning.

How to get started

If you have not tried an e-cloth mop before, we recommend trying the Deep Clean Mop. The Deep Clean Mop removes grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria for a deep clean and streak-free finish.