All Household Products

All Household Products

The e-cloth household cleaning products range consists of specialist products to clean and shine every household surface. In fact, with a few e-cloths and an e-cloth floor mop, you can clean the whole home with just water.

Our focus on high-performance cleaning has created a range of products that clean entirely without chemicals, using just water. In the past, the most popular way to clean has been to spend a lot of money on household chemicals; the cleaning ability of the cloth has not been so important.  Cleaning has been effective – but at high cost and with chemical residues affecting health.

Our revolutionary way to clean is to uses fibres that have been specifically developed to remove grease, dirt and bacteria.  So you can achieve even better results, without the need for any chemicals.

As well as exceptional cleaning, e-cloth products provide significant cost and time savings versus ordinary cleaning, plus real health and environmental benefits.  Just wet, wipe and dry.

How to get started

If you have not tried e-cloth before, we would recommend trying the General Purpose Cloth and Glass & Polishing Cloth. The General Purpose Cloth cleans thick grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria from any hard surface, while the Glass & Polishing Cloth gives the perfect, streak-free finish. With these two cloths, you can clean any surface in your home. The Water Spray is also very handy when cleaning windows, mirrors or other shiny surfaces.

The next step to cleaning your home without chemicals is to try the Deep Clean Mop, which cleans any hard flooring, including laminate, wood, tiles and vinyl, all using just water.

Once you have these essential e-cloth products, you can move on to our other specialist products for cleaning specific rooms, tablets, phones, cars, pets and even your body!  You will be able to dispense with most of the cleaning chemicals and have a far healthier home.

Proven bacteria removal

• Clinically tested by Silliker Research, with 45 Laboratories worldwide.

• e-cloths proven to remove over 99% of bacteria, including E.coli and Listeria, from hard surfaces, using only water.

• After just a warm rinse, the cloth returns just 0.01% of the bacteria that has been removed, back on to the next surface cleaned.