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    Milk Frother Cleaner


    The E-Cloth Milk Frother Cleaner makes it easy to keep essential coffee-making equipment clean and performing at its best, so you can start off your day right. Dampen the cloth with water, and use the textured striped side to tackle stubborn residue without scratching. The solid-colored side makes quick work of milder cleanups. No need to add sprays or even soap, because like us, you may not want residue in your coffee — or anywhere near it. Instead, rely on the power of 3.1 million microfibres per square inch plus water’s natural cleaning might to get the job done – and preserve the taste of your favorite brew. Rinse and hang to reuse. Toss in the laundry to refresh. It’s the simpler, swifter, savvier way to keep your frother, coffee maker, and other counter top appliances gleaming and ready to deliver.

    Includes: 1 Milk Frother Cleaning Cloth