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    Collapsible Deep Clean Mop


    Made for homes where storage is tight, the E-Cloth Collapsible Deep Clean Mop delivers all the cleaning power of our original mop and stows neatly in three compact pieces. It's all you need to strip grease, grime, dirt, and more than 99% of bacteria from hard flooring. Wood, tile, or laminate, it cleans and protects your investment. There’s no need to add chemical cleaners — and worries about crawling kiddos and curious pets. This mop deep cleans with the precision-engineered microscopic fibers activated by the cleaning power of water alone. With a lightweight, telescopic aluminum handle that collapses to just under 3 feet, it makes easy work of your toughest jobs. Quick-grip hook-and-loop fasteners makes it easy to attach and remove the mop head. And unlike single-use, throw-away refills, our reusable mop heads are made to last — and guaranteed to perform for 100 washes or 1 year. Just toss in the laundry to refresh. The E-Cloth Collapsible Deep Clean Mop is so much simpler, swifter, savvier, and easier to store, it’s hard not to share the news.