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Kitchen Cleaning Set

  • The e-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Set has all you need for cleaning the kitchen and doing the washing up.

    • Th Kitchen Cloth is perfect for all kitchen surfaces, using just water. It is brilliant on appliances, stainless steel, worktops and sinks - removing grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria.
    • The two Class & Polishing Cloths give shiny surfaces and glass a brilliant streak-free finish. All with just water
    • The two Wash & Wipe Cloths are highly absorbent and ideal for washing up and wiping down around the sink. Bleachable.
    • The Classic Check Tea Towel has super-absorbent fibres that leave glass and crockery streak-free in seconds, every time.
    • The e-cloth Water Spray is the perfect accessory for e-cloths - cleaning with just water. Makes cleaning a breeze. Holds 250ml.
  • Item Number: KCS
    Colour(s): Kitchen Cloth Green, Wash & Wipes White, Glass & Polishing Cloths Blue, Tea Towel White, Water Spray Blue
    Material(s): 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
    Item Dimensions: Kitchen Cloth 32cm x 32cm, Glass & Polishing Cloth 40cm x 50cm, Wash & Wipe Cloth 32cm x 32cm, Classic Check Tea Towel 40cm x 60cm, Water Spray 250ml
    Number of Items: 7

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    Care Instructions


    Refer to specific item for detailed care instructions.

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