Fabrics & Carpet Cleaning with e-cloth

Fabrics and Carpet Cleaning with e-cloth

e-cloths will surprise you with their ability to remove spillages including wine on carpets, clothing and other fabrics. The best products to use are the cloths with longer fibres, such as the General Purpose Cloth.

For Spillages

Use a damp cloth and let the absorbency of the fibres take up the liquid – and then gently work the fibres of the cloth into the fabric to draw out anything that may be left.

For Stains

For stains or marks on carpets, clothing or other fabrics, there is nothing to lose by giving e-cloths and cold water a try before resorting to chemicals. Starting with a small test area first, dampen the stain and leave for a short period – then gently work the e-cloth fibres into the area. The sheer volume of fibres in e-cloths give them the power to help lift and reduce many stains.