How To Remove Limescale

Using e-cloths will help prevent limescale build-up

Limescale build up is caused by mineral deposits from hard water. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to remove.

Regular cleaning with e-cloths and water will stop limescale developing, but e-cloths on their own will not remove deposits that have built up.

Removing limescale deposits

We recommend using natural products to remove limescale. A number of chemical cleaners may well be quicker, but the fewer chemicals we have in our homes and the environment the better.

The best natural cleaners are lemon juice or vinegar– with a bit of gentle scrubbing and elbow grease. Build-up around taps is best dealt with by soaking a cloth or cotton wool in lemon juice or vinegar and wrapping it round the affected area for one or two hours – occasionally squeezing it to get more liquid onto the affected areas. You may need a plastic scrubber to dislodge the more stubborn bits of scale.

Once finished, remember that regular cleaning with e-cloth will help prevent further build-up of limescale.