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Mops: Tips on Cleaning with e-cloth

You don’t need chemicals or chemical-lite liquids to clean your floors – just use e-cloth and water.

Tips on using e-cloth Mops

All e-cloth mops come with a lightweight telescopic handle. This allows you to adjust the height to suit you. Extend fully to reach high or long distance areas.

To adjust the height of the handle, grip the bottom section of the handle (silver) with one hand and twist the top section (coloured) anti-clockwise. Once the length is right for you, twist the top section clockwise to tighten.

Rinse the mop head under a tap and wring out any excess water. Place the damp head velcro side up on the floor and attach the mop base to the centre.

For best results mop in an ‘S’ shape, maintaining the same leading edge to prevent dirt being left behind. Start from one corner of the room working toward you to avoid walking on the clean area.

Mop Heads

Remove and rinse Mop Heads regularly, wring out and continue to clean. Some customers do not like having to keep rinsing out the Damp Mop Head. One option is to load the sink with a number of Mop Heads, use each in turn and then put them all into the Washing Machine when the floors are done.

Dusting Mop

We have a Flexi-Edge Dusting Mop for hard floors and walls. The edges of the mop head are flexible, enabling you to clean right up to skirting boards. It is lightweight making the removal of cobwebs at high level easy. The mop head can be removed and is machine washable.