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    Gym Towel


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    The E-Cloth Gym Towel is a great towel for the gym and racquet sports.

    • The E-Cloth gym towel’s specialised fibres are four times more absorbent than a typical cotton gym towel.
    • It’s designed to be much more compact, as it is thinner than an ordinary towel and can easily fit into any sports bag.
    • It’s quick drying, meaning it won’t leave your bag damp or make it smell, and it will be dry and ready to use again in no time.
    • Removes over 99% of bacteria. 3 Year guarantee
    • Uses micro-dry technology for quick and extra absorption.
    • Item Number: EBGT
      Colour(s): White
      Material(s): 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
      Item Dimensions: 80cm x 24cm
      Country of Origin: South Korea
      Number of Items: 1