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    Hair Turban

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    The Hair Turban is ideal for drying long hair quickly and effectively. Its special fibres absorb water rapidly and absorb three to four times more than cotton towels. It has a self-securing button to hold it in place.
    • The speed with which this Hair Turban absorbs water is remarkable.
    • Wrap the hair in the light-weight turban, close the button fastener and let the fibers natural action quickly draw in the moisture – no rubbing required
    • Quick and easy way to dry hair naturally without heat damage
    • Ideal for all hair types and lengths, the ebody™ Hair Turban is the quick and easy way to dry hair naturally.
    • Uses Micro-dry technology for quick and extra absorption.
    • Item Number: EBHAT
      Colour(s): White
      Material(s): 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
      Item Dimensions: 50cm x 26cm
      Country of Origin: South Korea
      Number of Items: 1