3 Natural Remedies for Dry Skin This Winter

January 15, 2018

Once in your lifetime you will be a victim of dry skin, everyone gets it, it’s just natural. However this doesn’t mean we should put up with the painful, irritating, tough and flakey skin that leaves us in complete discomfort.
There are number of boring and overused methods we could could talk about such as coconut oil, fish oils etc. but we don’t want to put you to sleep with the same old abused content that everyone already knows. Our blog is on several strange natural remedies which are good for the skin and will save you more money than your everyday moisturiser.
Oatmeal Bath
If we’re going to be talking about strange natural remedies, what better way to kick it off other than turning you into a bowl of cereal. No but seriously this actually works, obviously you can't just throw your everyday muesli bar into a bath and hop in. You have to use colloidal oats, these oats can either be made or you can just buy them over the counter either way will do.
Once you’ve got the oats it’s pretty simple, you just follow these quick 4 steps and you’ll be noticing a smoother skin in no time : Run a lukewarm bath whilst pouring the oats in with the running tap.Soak in for 10-15 minutesGently pat yourself down to dry.Apply fragrance free moisturiser.
Now you may be wondering ‘what do the oats actually do for my skin?’, well they actually do quite a lot which is what makes them such a useful natural remedy. They clean the skin and hold in moisture which will help to reduce the amount of dry skin as there will be more oil held in your skin making it less dry and more soft. Not only do they reduce dry skin but they also reduce inflammation making all the red patches where your eczema or other dry skin conditions, disappear.
Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil is an oil which originated from native Southern Arizona, Southern California and Northwestern Mexico. The oil is extracted from a plant found in all 3 of these places, the plant is called the Simmondsia chinensis plant and the Jojoba Oil takes up 50% of the plants weight making it accessible to obtain.
Jojoba oil comes with a range of positives for the skin, one being, due to its rich in iodine, zinc, vitamin E, copper, chromium and selenium, it’s compatible with all skins meaning everyone can use it and benefit from the natural remedy. Jojoba oil offers more, it also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics making it reduce the amount of swelling around your dry skin making it not as red and inflamed but also be clean due to the antibacterial effects of the oil.
Most oils wouldn’t be advised for people with dry skin, however Jojoba Oil is one of the first oils that can be used for dry skin and has great results. Nevertheless the main problem with this 100% natural remedy is that it does come at quite the price, but if you have the money why not try it out?
Vegetable Shortening
As you may have already realised, we have another peculiar dry skin remedy for you here. Vegetable shortening. Here are some steps on how you can apply the vegetable shortening remedy to your dry skin areas : Run a lukewarm bath or shower, not too hot to avoid inflammation and peeling of the skin.Apply a scoop of vegetable shortening to your designated dry area.Let set in before putting on any clothing on to ensure it traps all the moisture in the skin.Once set in you can get on with your day like any other.
One of the biggest advantages of this product is its price. For people who receive eczema, it is quite expensive to upkeep and make sure that you look after it however as vegetable shortening comes at a lot cheaper price it will be more effective for you users out there who want to save some cash!
Flaxseed Oil
Flaxseed Oil is an extremely useful natural remedy for dry skin, with its high levels in Omega 3 fatty acids makes it perfect oil for your skin. The Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory characteristics making it perfect for preventing rashes and itchy skin.
Here are list of some of the other attributes: Prevents Cardiovascular DiseasesHeart diseases Cancer
Not only does the omega 3 fatty acids help reduce the chances of dry skin but it also increases the natural oil production within the body keeping your skin smooth. However tackling dry skin is not the only positive of Flaxseed oil.

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