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e-cloth and Moppy by Polti Partnership

March 26, 2018

e-cloth and Moppy by Polti Partnership

We are excited to announce that here at e-cloth, we have partnered up with Polti for the Moppy & e-cloth Special Edition! Read on to find out how, by combining the power of steam and highly effective e-cloth fibres, you can reap the benefits of more efficient, deeper chemical-free and environmentally-friendly cleaning.  

Moppy has been praised as a powerful and practical cordless mop which, just like e-cloth, only requires water to clean and sanitise your floors. With the help of the e-cloth head, Moppy can remove up to 99% of germs and bacteria.

Now, e-cloth and Polti have teamed up to take Moppy’s effectiveness to a new level by combining our mutual commitment to chemical-free cleaning and using just the power of water. The new Moppy & e-cloth Special Edition comes with the same practical design and powerful steam function but includes the e-cloth Deep Clean & Dusting Mop Heads.

The e-cloth blue Deep Clean Mop Head's millions of fibres help to make even shorter work of your floors, breaking up and grabbing dirt, bacteria and grease and leaving your floors to glisten, streak-free. According to a report, when using the e-cloth mop head with Moppy, 99.9% of dirt, germs and bacteria are removed even at the first pass.

The e-cloth white Dusting Mop Head makes it even easier to capture the dust and dirt that settles into even the hardest to reach corners of your home. Both the blue and white mop heads are machine washable, ensuring you get a truly fresh clean every time you clean your floors.

Both Polti and e-cloth are fully committed to creating a sustainable future and work to ensure this by creating environmentally and chemical-free cleaning products. Choosing to use Moppy & e-cloth Special Edition means you’re making an economical and environmentally-friendly choice. The compact steaming mechanism uses far less water than you would with a traditional mop and bucket and eliminates the need for harmful chemical cleaners. Working further to reduce waste, the e-cloth mop heads will last you 3 years and 300 washes.

You can purchase your own Moppy & e-cloth Special Edition by clicking here.