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    Everything and the Kitchen Sink Tote Bag

    With a nod to the many uses of E-Cloth cleaning solutions, our cheerful blue tote shows your enthusiasm for things that last. Handy for corralling E-Cloth cleaning cloths, you can fill it with whatever you like, lunch, library books, or last-minute purchases. Made from a durable, lightweight cotton/polyester blend, it’s easy to stow and bring along until needed — and far stronger than those flimsy, single-use plastic bags. Long handles are comfortable to hold or hang over your shoulder.
    A fun way gather and store your E-Cloth cleaning tools — or tote your belongings. Sized to hold your E-Cloth cleaning cloths, lunch, spare shoes, or last-minute purchases.  Extra-long handles fit comfortably over your shoulder. Lightweight and easy to stow until duty calls. 40% cotton, 60% polyester. Machine washable. Approximately 15 inches high x 13.5 inches wide.