3 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Cleaning

April 27, 2017

Many people use a range of expensive cleaning products to make sure their home is clean and disinfected. But using lots of chemical products can actually be harmful to your home and can also have a damaging effect on the environment. You don’t have to use chemicals to keep your home clean though and there are some powerful cleaning agents that are made from natural sources. Surprisingly, one of the most powerful cleaners in the home is apple cider vinegar. This useful product can be put to use all over your home and makes for the perfect natural cleaning agent. We look at 3 ways that using apple cider vinegar to clean your home can drastically reduce your use of chemicals.

Alternative Household Cleaner

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a household cleaner and can actually replace a lot of chemical products that you have around your home. It can be used for all kinds of cleaning applications and help you to avoid buying various cleaning products for the home. It is perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of your home too, as the versatile vinegar can be mixed to create a powerful cleaning solution. It can even be used as an alternative to bleach and left to soak overnight in the toilet, bathtub or other areas.

  • Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 9 parts water
  • Add cleaning solution to a spray bottle for ease of application
  • Spray sparingly onto kitchen surfaces, in the bathroom or areas with dirt and grime

Unclog your Blocked Drain

Apple cider vinegar even has the strength to unblock your clogged drains so you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive chemical products. All you will need is some apple cider vinegar and a bit of baking soda to get your drains unclogged and back in good working order. Adding a baking soda and apple cider vinegar mix to your drain will cause a frothing effect and help to break down stubborn blockages.  You can even use this trick every month or so to make sure that your drains stay unclogged and clean.

  • Add ½ cup of baking soda to your drain, followed by 1 or 2 cups of apple cider vinegar
  • The solution should start to froth in your sinkhole and might overflow
  • Leave to work in your drain and wash away with some water

Clean Stains

Many people are not aware of the versatile cleaning properties of apple cider vinegar but it can actually remove stains from carpets and other fabrics. If you have a stubborn stain on your carpet you can mix a couple of tablespoons of salt with apple cider vinegar. The solution can help to lift stubborn stains from carpets and other fabrics.

  • Mix a couple of tablespoons of salt with apple cider vinegar
  • Rub the solution in the stain on your carpet to lift it out of the material
  • Use a vacuum to lift the rest of the solution out of the carpet and avoid leaving too long

The same principal can also be used on other fabrics and furniture, but make sure not to leave the solution soaking for too long as it can stain some fabrics when left. It can also be used to remove cup stains that form rings on wooden surfaces by applying the apple cider vinegar directly to the stain. If you are looking for other chemical free cleaning products then e-cloth has the perfect solution. Our microfibre cloths are perfect for cleaning all kinds of surfaces and we have a range of other products too.

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