Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

The e-cloth Bathroom Cloth Range has everything you need for a sparkling clean bathroom - without the use of harmful chemicals. Including a variety of bathroom cloths, pads and a mop, every item in our bathroom range is made from 480,000 fibres per cm2 packed with amazing cleaning power. Thanks to these powerful fibres, all e-cloths are capable of removing over 99% of bacteria from bathroom surfaces, and can easily lift away dirt, grease, grime and soapy build up.  

The Bathroom Cloth is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for an all-round cloth that can tackle multiple areas of the bathroom. It is also included in the Bathroom Pack. Highly absorbent and with longer and thicker fibres, this cloth makes short work of scrubbing away grime, soap scum and bacteria from areas as the bath, shower and sink. 

The Shower Pack comes with two Shower Cloths which are durable, highly absorbent and capable of lifting away water marks and soapy scum. When used on a regular basis, our bathroom cloths will even prevent the build-up of hard-to-remove limescale. 

Our quick-drying Fresh Mesh Pads are quick drying, making them the perfect tool for cleaning wet areas in the bathroom. They quickly and easily lift away dirt and bacteria from sinks, baths and showers without having to worry about the pad staying damp and smelly. 

The Glass & Polishing Cloth is perfect for cleaning mirrors, taps, shower controls, windows and glass shower doors. With its specialist fibre, this cloth, used dry on a damp surface, removes grease dirt and finger marks, leaving behind a streak-free, lint-free finish.

The Mini Mop is lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and compact. Its Head is just 13cm * 27cm - ideal for cleaning small floors and hard to reach areas, such as around toilets and radiators. It can also be used for cleaning shower tiles. The mop head is easily detachable so you can wash and use fresh each time.

Each item in our Bathroom Range has been specially designed to tackle a dirty bathroom and transform it into a sparkling one. And remember, spend over £30 and shipping is free.