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Make Your Own Fabric Freshener In 4 Steps

July 27, 2017

Most family homes are a hub of activity, and often this activity will leave its mark on your home - gym bags left by the door, dinner cooking in the kitchen, and damp pets coming in from the rain. While visible mess is pretty quick to clear away (especially with e-cloth!), lingering odours can be harder to shift. This is because smells can cling to surfaces that aren't easily wiped down, like carpets and curtains. Thankfully, with this easy 4-step fabric freshener you can deal with those odours once and for all.  Sounds good, right?

Before you get going, there are a few things you need to prepare first. These include the following:
•    Spray Bottle
•    Baking Soda
•    Warm Water
•    Essential oil (up to preference: lavender, lemon, orange etc.)
•    Funnel (optional)

Step 1
To begin with, simply place a tablespoon of baking soda into your spray bottle. We recommend picking up one of our own e-cloth Water Spray Bottles as they're high-quality and long-lasting.

Step 2
Following this, add the warm water into the bottle. In order to achieve a fair balance in this formula, we suggest that you fill the spray bottle until it is about three-quarters of the way up. Here, you can use a funnel to ensure there are no unnecessary spillages whilst adding the water to your formula.

Once the water has been added, tighten the lid and begin to firmly shake the bottle. Keep doing this until all of the baking soda has completely dissolved. 

Step 3
Now, take off the lid of your spray bottle and add in 10-15 drops of your chosen essential oil. This is the key to providing a fresh new scent to your home, so be sure to select an oil that you like the smell of; lavender is always a popular choice due to its natural and fresh smell.

With the essential oil now added into the mix, it is time for you to place the lid back onto your spray bottle and shake until the formula has completely mixed together.

Step 4
It’s time to begin to spray your furniture and soft furnishings to get rid of any lingering smells - the baking soda is an odour neutraliser. 

By using this cleaning recipe and creating your very own chemical-free homemade fabric freshener, freshening up your home has never been so easy! You are now able to eradicate any horrible smells from your home and replace them with light scents that fill the air with a sense of freshness and cleanliness; all without the use of any unpleasant chemicals, too.

So, what are you waiting for?  

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